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Ukie Board Election 2020 - Meet the Candidates

Voting is now open for the 2020 Ukie Board members election. All of the candidates for election are listed below, alongside their personal statement explaining why they would like to join the board. 

  • Ukie members who are eligible to vote in the election will have received an email from Civica, the independent company managing the election process, through the main contact at the company. Please speak to your main contact to confirm receipt of the ballot paper and ask them to check their junk/spam folder if they haven't received it.
  • There are seven spaces on the board election, which means each member is able to vote for seven board representatives (within the election rules). Please use all your votes to ensure that your voice is heard as strongly as possible. 
  • If you have not received your ballot paper, have a problem with your vote or have a question about the process, please contact Sam Collins for assistance.

The deadline for voting is 5pm on Friday 11 September. The results will be announced at Ukie's virtual AGM On Thursday 17 September, which you can sign up for .


Please read the election rules here

Contact Sam if you have a question

Adam Campbell, Director of Product, Azoomee

I'm Adam Campbell, Director of Product at Azoomee / Da Vinci media, the world's fastest growing kids edutainment company. I'm also co-founder of POC in Play, Europe's largest advocacy group for racial diversity in the videogames industry.

I'm also a member of the British Academy Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) and an award winning producer. I have been in the video games industry for over 11 years now, with previous roles at Hopster, Miniclip, SEGA and JAGEX.

Accolades include; listing on 100 Future Talent, Game Dev Heroes Awards Shortlist, Dutch Game Award 2014 and I was twice part of a Golden Joystick Award winning team for ‘UK Developer of the Year’.

From a young age I've always had a real love and passion for not just video games but also the industry behind it, which has always fascinated me. Being a part of the industry has meant I've been able to meet some of the most intelligent, creative and all round incredible people, all with a shared aim to create lovely experiences for our audience. 

I would like to be a member of the Ukie board as a I feel I bring a wealth of experience to the position, a genuine passion for the industry and a background in challenging diversity and inclusion issues in our sector with an intersectional approach. 

Alex Cook, Director of Sales, Codemasters

With a 25 year history in the games industry, the variety of roles I have held has given me an insight into many varied sectors from publishing (Acclaim, Activision, Atari, Codemasters), to online gameplay (Trion, Wargamining, Jagex) to Retail (GAME). I have also worked closely with the Indie sector in recent years and understand their challenges and opportunities.

I have seen this industry evolve over the years and followed its transition from predominantly offline boxed gaming to a more digital and online sector, experiencing highs, lows and challenges along the way.

Over the years (particularly recently) I have experienced first-hand the great work that Ukie do and have been close to companies and individuals who have supported them. I hope to be able to do the same.

LOLS10在线直播下注 I would be keen to use my broad network to support Ukie, with a particular focus on charitable activities and promoting the industry when it faces charges of being a negative influence, particularly for children.

Dan Bernardo, Founder and Game Director, Playtra Games

As somebody who built my career in the tech industry before moving into games, and a member of the BAME and LGBTQ+ communities I think I can bring a fresh perspective and add to this incredible collective of talents that makes Ukie such an unique entity.

Debbie Bestwick

Debbie Bestwick MBE, CEO, Team 17

It’s been a pleasure to serve on the Ukie Board for the past 6 months, it’s been insightful and feel I’ve contributed in a few crucial areas but the work has only just started.  There is a considerable amount of work that needs to be done and I am standing in the election with a promise to our members that, if elected, I will be pushing hard to deliver crucial support for what is right for all members irrelevant of size and across a range of important areas that we as an Industry face today but also in coming years.


LOLS10在线直播下注Through my time as CEO of Team17 and within gaming 30+ years I have always tried to keep one step ahead of the market and do what I believe is right.  We have built a successful independent development business and in the last 6 years transformed Team17 into a global video games label championing Independent games creators from all walks of life. We completed an IPO in 2018 which has broadened the profile of our business globally and supported the continued development of our own growth goals with significant internal and external new original IP creation.

LOLS10在线直播下注I am passionate (some would say obsessed) about the creative process and about Independent studio’s long term sustainability. I believe I am well placed to understand the needs of our wider Industry but very much so what is needed for our members in the independent development space  today. I’ve been on your journey’s and know the challenges you face.

Finally, I have been the Ukie Board representative on key cross industry groups including the Creative Industries Council group on the development of creative clusters. My role within the Creative Industries Council ensure I can bring another level of support to UKie and members. The games industry has a unique position in the UK creative economy and I will strive to ensure games gets the attention it needs and deserves.

Des Gayle, Founder, Altered Gene

 The last two years on the Ukie board have been a great learning experience for me and is something that I am keen to continue. Helping to deliver the #RaiseTheGame was a proud moment for me. 

 I would like to re-apply for my position on the board to continue championing the voice of other independent developers and to further support UKIE's diversity and inclusion initiatives. With my position of being a founding member of POC in Play, I am in a strong position to help UKIE drive their plans forward. 

LOLS10在线直播下注  If I am re-elected, one challenge that I am particularly interested in taking on, is strengthening the links between the games industry and education. 

Emma Cooper, Business Development, Cooperative Innovations

Hello! I work for Cooperative Innovations in Leeds, and I’d love to put myself forward for the Ukie board. We're an independent development studio and recently shipped 'Spaceteam VR'.

I’ve worked across lots of different types of interactive media for nearly 20yrs and the games industry is the place I’ve felt the most at home. I’ve been a designer, a front-end developer, a team leader, a producer, business owner and a consultant. My career highlight, so far, is working on a game that was recreated by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (in space!).

In 2018 I was part of the team that re-branded and moved the National Videogame Museum to Sheffield. I’m really interested in the skills pipeline for UK games businesses and how we capture the imagination of young people and retain talent not just in the UK but in the regions.

I’d love to work with the Ukie board to support them in continuing to challenge people’s preconceptions of what games are and what they can be, as well who they’re for. As a company primarily based in the North of England I'm also keen to continue representing a diverse range of companies and individuals at the board level.

Ewan Lamont, Co - Founder, Legendary Games Ltd

I’ve been in the Games Industry now for over 15 years and having gained a wealth of experience and lots of great friends, I feel it is time now to give something back.  I co-founded Legendary Games 10 years ago as a R&D heavy HTML5, own IP, multi-player developer and managed a difficult learning curve toward becoming a R&D heavy, licensed IP, Mobile app, multi-player developer.  I’ve had quite a bit of diverse work experience: I trained as an archaeologist  before  working in retail then licensing for Games Workshop, project manager for a vehicle data start up and my entry to the industry was a producer for a big MMO dev in the Midlands.  

I want all aspects of the industry to be successful worldwide, but I would be an unashamed champion of smaller UK devs knowing the difficulties we face, from funding opportunities, user acquisition, PR and increasingly hostile legislation.  There are a lot of opportunities to bring UKIEs influence and resource to make life easier and the future more sustainable.  UKIE’s presence at trade show should be more open and ambassadorial with a member’s section.  With a government reeling from the after effects of the covid crisis this is the perfect opportunity to push for changes that can grow and protect our industry like simplifying R&D tax credits and Video Games Tax relief, making cross border direct sales easier and policing fraud and hackers rather than attacking us for being defrauded and getting hacked.

I am a massive advocate for our industry, I love what we can achieve, and I love meeting the people who do it. I am passionate about improving the perception of our industry by the wider public and UK government, and helping those who may not have considered a career to discover their place within it.  I have spoken at several schools, colleges and universities about the industry.  How it works, how to get a career in it and I have helped pioneer a local software developer apprenticeship programme.  We have used our proprietary web engine for gamification, energy reduction applications and created an Edu app to help during the Covid lockdown.  I know that, as an industry, we have the skillset to make life better, as well as fun.

Harinder Sangha, Operations Director, Sumo Digital Ltd

My journey to where I sit today started around 13 years ago.  I was 30, and after working as a financial controller for a software house, in the financial industry, I wanted something to challenge me. I had no idea, that challenge, was going to have such a significant impact on my life. I am not a long-life gamer like lots of other people that I so admire in this industry today. So, feel like I bring a different perspective to the table. I’m also a mum that works full time so have an understanding of the challenges that can bring, is no bad thing.  

LOLS10在线直播下注I’m incredibly proud of what I have been able to achieve in my time in the industry. If I was to call out two in particular they would be.  To date the only female studio head in SEGA Europe, and most recently been given the freedom and autonomy to introduce some excellent working practices into Sumo Leamington creating a workplace that provides everyone just that, the freedom to be themselves and flourish.

LOLS10在线直播下注Since moving into a leadership role, I find myself in a position of privilege, something that hasn’t been the case for many Indian females, in many industry’s let alone this one.  I would like to continue to use that privilege to help create a better industry as a whole, sitting on this board to help make that the case would be a fantastic opportunity. 

James Brooksby, CEO, Absolutely Games

I want to help others. I have been in this industry for many years and seen its changes and grown experienced from that time. I wish to bring that experience of Development and Publishing on a global stage to others, especially new and upcoming companies, who have not yet got the contact book, battle-scars and successes. As a board member I will bring an enthusiastic can-do attitude, helping and inspiring others while always being honest and open.

James Dean, Managing Director, ESL Gaming UK Ltd

LOLS10在线直播下注I very much believe in the development of the esports industry in the UK and opportunities for the many businesses within gaming and esports that can contribute and grow the UK's strengths in this exciting, global and emerging industry.  With my experience in esports I would like to contribute to UKIE's position as a trade body to help all businesses achieve growth in esports.  I believe I could bring a lot of advice and knowledge to the UKIE board and work across the industry more widely.

Jay Shin, Director & Business development manager, Arrogant Pixel LTD

As a founding member of Arrogant Pixel LTD, I represent the interests of any independent games studios that started with no funding, no connections or experience in the industry - just a dream to make great games. 

I care deeply about creating sustainable careers for individuals, and making long term stability and success a reality for more UK studios - so much so that I’m pursuing a PhD at Birkbeck College, LOLS10在线直播下注 of London, interrogating project management processes in the games industry. Through my research into the way smaller, independent teams with bigger stakes in the project operate, I believe that the wider industry could learn a lot from how they build projects and make decisions. Individual happiness and mental well being within the industry is also very important to me, and I want to help more creative professionals survive to reach retirement through information sharing at all levels, and the creation of better support systems within our current organisations. 

Outside of actually making games or studying the games industry, I deliver business development and project management modules to undergraduate students studying Games design, Music technology and Music management at the LOLS10在线直播下注 of West London. I believe strongly in training all aspiring creative professionals in basic management, business and financial literacy so that they leave LOLS10在线直播下注 with practical knowledge and with confidence in the value of their work.

This is the first time I am standing for election to the UKIE board and I am really excited about the possibility of playing a more active role in bringing about positive change in the games industry. I hope that you will vote for me because I promise to attend absolutely everything, and pay it forward in my vocal support for all UK indie teams. Thank you for reading!

Juliette Green, Strategic Partnership Director, 505 Games

LOLS10在线直播下注I am passionate about the Gaming Industry and in particular keen to promote the smaller developers and companies within our sector . Even though I joined the industry by chance, I quickly learned games were for me.

My career started at Codemasters in Licensing which transitioned to Brand and Marketing, after which I joined the founding members of 505 Games and 13 years later I’m still here!

It’s been quite a journey with touch points across the business, but what I have learned has fuelled my desire to support the underdog. Working on games such as Brothers, Last Day of June and Virginia prove how small Indy titles can be break out hits, even going on to be critically acclaimed. Award winners certainly come in all shapes and sizes and I’ve been lucky enough to work on the likes of Cooking Mama, Zumba, Sniper Elite as well as recent BAFTA winners Control and Death Stranding.

Looking after both Digital Premium and Free to Play products, my current role as Strategic Partnership Director gives me a unique insight into the world of 1st Party Partners such as Valve, Google, Epic, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo which is invaluable for small and large developers alike and shapes the course of our go to market plans. This will be particularly important as we transition into the new generation of consoles. I also head up B2B opportunities looking at the business models of cloud gaming, streaming and subscription services. Being a video game fan in 2020 means more options than ever before but offering a balance of what gamers want, what 1st Party see as important whilst trying to maintain the financial aspects of a publisher is a challenge and one I relish. 

LOLS10在线直播下注 The last few months in lockdown have shown that in a time of need people turn to gaming as a method to connect and interact with friends and if nothing else it’s a light relief in this crazy world.  There are still lots of challenges facing us as an industry but it’s an exciting time to be making games and I’d be honoured to help Ukie continue the positive growth of the industry within the UK . 

Li Ma, UK Director, Tencent

I am putting myself forward for the Ukie Board, and want to use the position to help Ukie and UKIE members attract more investment and funding for UK games companies as well as understand better how to work with Asian and global markets, and share some insights from those markets.

Based in London, I oversee Tencent’s business initiatives and investments in the UK, and provide support and strategic advice to investee companies such as Frontier Developments, Sumo Digital, Miniclip, and indie studio Milky Tea.

As a former semi-professional esports player, self-taught programmer in my younger days, and now working in the industry, I am immensely proud to be part of the UK games community and closely involved into different initiatives to support the industry: I have spent significant time supporting various coaching sessions and panel discussions organised by Ukie, Games London, Films London, and other non-for-profit institutions; I am also part of BAFTA Young Game Designer Jury.

Should I be accepted onto the Ukie Board, I would look to leverage my experience to humbly help with the following:

1.Support Ukie members and the wider UK games industry to attract more investment and funding: As Tencent’s UK Director, I regularly interact with various talented games companies for funding discussions, for example, I led the recent £27m investments into Sumo Digital. I can therefore offer my insights and strategic advice for Ukie members and the Board. I have helped various Ukie ‘Access to Finance’ sessions in London, Guilford and remotely, supporting UK companies design better fundraising strategy. 

2.Help with Asian and Chinese markets strategy. With my background and experience, I am able to provide a different viewpoint to Ukie members and the Board, and to advise strategically on a variety of key topics, such as how to successfully bring UK titles to publish in China, and in general how the UK games companies become better positioned to tap into the Asian and global markets. 

3.Provide Ukie members and the Board with my insights of mobile games, Games-as-a-Service, and Free-to-Play business models. My current role gives me a unique vantage point on these topics affecting global and UK games companies, and key learnings from Riot, Epic Games, Supercell these Tencent investee companies. 

For all these reasons, I very much hope that you will look upon my nomination favourably and spare one of your seven votes for me. Would also be great to exchange ideas with you over a coffee or online, to discuss anything you think I could be of your assistance. Thank you.

Maria Sayans, CEO, ustwo games

I love this industry, I am in awe of its creativity, its influence, and its power. But I am also disappointed that we too often put our economic interests ahead of the interests of our players, that we continue to somehow produce ecosystems (communities, workplaces) where discrimination and abuse are commonplace, that we shy away from owning the huge societal power we have.

We have access to one of humanity's greatest assets, how young people spend their time. And the power of influence that games have over people’s lives is only going to grow. It is crucial that we shift from a (mostly) defensive stance to a progressive and proactive one. We need to regularly ask ourselves, what is the future that we want to help build? 

By joining the Ukie board I want to help make our industry more progressive, more long-term thinking, and more comfortable and open discussing the ethical implications of our work.

I also hope I can increase the voice of smaller and independent developers at a Ukie board level.

In terms of my experience - I have been in the industry since 2001. I spent 14 years at EA doing online, marketing and publishing work. In 2015 I joined CCP as their Chief Customer Officer and in 2019 I became CEO at ustwo games.

Matt Spall, Co-founder, Branching Narrative Ltd

As a board member of Ukie, I firmly believe that my combination of skills, coupled with an innovative approach to problem-solving, will allow me to make a truly positive difference to the UK Games Industry.

Since 1987 as both an employee, and BAFTA-winning employer, I’ve been a successful innovator with hundreds of game releases under my belt. Holding a number of senior roles on both sides of the publishing and development partnership has equipped me with a potentially unique understanding, and perspective, of the needs of the video game release cycle.

Now the co-founder of Branching Narrative, a tiny startup specialising in interactive video products, I'm again at the coalface of running a brand new business, directly experiencing the challenges and rewards that it brings, experiences I hope to use, and share.

LOLS10在线直播下注 I hope, very much, to be able to bring my broad base of past and current knowledge, my skills and my passion for the industry, to a Ukie board position.

Nick Button-Brown, Chair, Outright Games

I have been a passionate supporter of Ukie for many years and I hope to be able to an investment point of view to the board to help the growing games companies, as well as push for mentoring and support whenever I can.

I have been working in games for over 20 years, at companies like EA, Crytek, Improbable & Sensible Object, and I now help out at Payload Studios, makers of Terratech and originators of Tentacle Zone, I’m Chair at Outright Games, makers of kids licensed games, such as Paw Patrol, Jumanji and How to Train your Dragon, I’m an investor and on the board at Loveshark, makers of, and an Advisor at Ori, working with Edge computing.  I also help with a few non-UK companies, at Coherence, a network engine supporting connected games, and at Gameye, multiplayer session infrastructure.

LOLS10在线直播下注 I’m actively involved in investing, personally in companies like Flick Games, making Flick Solitaire (which you should definitely try) and Lightheart Entertainment, and advising a number of VCs including Hiro Capital.  I also have a network of Angels, experienced people looking to invest together to give companies the right support that they need early on.

We have a tremendous opportunity at the moment to bring more investment money for our industry.  There are lots of non-games investors, VCs and private Equity companies that are looking to get into games for the first time, and if we nurture that interest we can have capital for many new games companies, that will really help drive the creativity of the UK games industry for many years.

I’m a Founding Trustee at OKRE, a charity spun out of Wellcome Trust to promote collaboration between Research, Film, Games and Television, as well as being on the steering committee at Games London. I am currently an elected member on the Games committee at BAFTA and used to be Chair as well as being a trustee.  I love BAFTA programs such as Young Game Designers, Breakthrough Brits and Crew and i am so happy with the people that these have helped. 

The Games industry has been very good to me, and I am trying to help the next generation of diverse game makers and voices.  I love helping young companies (even if it is often “don't do this, I already did that and it went really badly”).  One of my favourite days of the year is Young Games Designers at BAFTA, when you see so much potential and marvel at how they did those things at their age, and I learn so much from people like Tara at Loveshark, Ian at Flick and Jay at Massive Monsters, and if i can help more people make more games, then that will make me very happy.

LOLS10在线直播下注 So what would i like to achieve at UKIE…. I would love to help build a pipeline for non-games investment money that encourages that money, and I have been trying to set up a mentoring scheme for a few years to help companies grow and would love help with that at UKIE.

Paul Sulyok, Founder & CEO, Green Man Gaming 

Reflecting on Green Man Gaming’s 10 years of trading this year, it was evident that our success would not have been possible without the continued support of the UK games industry. It is with that in mind that I am seeking election to the UKIE board to be an advocate for companies across the industry as well as be a campaigner for positive change through Ukie’s agenda. 

As an entrepreneur as well as my experience through GMG Publishing and our Digital Partners Program, I am experienced with the challenges faced by studios and companies across the ecosystem. I will not only be a voice for the diverse range of companies that make up the industry but also bring my expertise and passion for driving growth across the sector. 

We are facing uncertain times both globally and here in the UK, the world has shifted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Brexit fallout is yet to be determined. At this time it is imperative that the UK industry look to new opportunities as the market evolves to successfully navigate through these fresh challenges. 

I would relish the prospect to leverage my knowledge and practical experience of the international market to support UKIE’s excellent work on the global stage. Through GMG’s proprietary data and experience across 195 countries, I have a unique perspective on global gaming trends as well as opportunities and issues facing games companies in each market. 

If I have the privilege to be elected, I will bring my passion for this industry to my role on the UKIE board to drive the UK forward as a global leader for development, innovation, diversity and a hub for international business. 

Ranjani Natarajan, Senior Producer, Robot Teddy

I wish to join the Ukie Board because I believe it is the organisation with the most power to address what I consider to be the factors underpinning the weakest aspects of our industry. It’s also the easiest way for me to get most of the industry pronouncing my name correctly!

In my view, a large number of the systemic problems in our industry stem from companies beginning in a founder’s spare time and growing rapidly and unsustainably. We have a huge number of people in power who may be excellent at their craft but do not have a good grasp of people management and leadership skills. This encourages everything from unhealthy and abusive power structures to toxic homogeneity. Ukie has previously used its position to provide more access to structural/financial resources to companies and I would like to leverage that to look after the people who make up our industry.

The last few years have also been a period of unsettling change in the UK (and the world), leaving many of us far more distrustful of our government and our establishments. I want to support Ukie to the best of my abilities in protecting the interests of the games industry, and be in a position to help companies during these periods of uncertainty.

I think my being relatively new to games is an asset because, while I have risen because of my commitment and work ethic and rapidly grown my network, I continue to be an outsider in many of the ways that most "non-standard" games industry employees are. I have a personal understanding of the othering that marginalised voices experience.

LOLS10在线直播下注 I studied and worked in finance in India before moving to the UK, starting to work on my own game and then joining the industry just over four years ago. I started out in mobile/AR games and now I work in a consulting role, helping PC, console and VR games companies leverage their business relationships and build real value. I think my past experience and current position would make me a valuable member of the Board, being able to fulfil both the administration and the policy/strategy responsibilities.

Richard Jolly, CEO, Splash Damage

Splash Damage started as the dream of three people who loved games and wanted to have a go at building their own. 20 years later, we now have 300 talented people in our care and have had the chance to contribute to some of gaming’s most beloved universes, igniting lasting friendships amongst both players and developers.

It has been a humbling journey, over the course of which I’ve seen our industry change and evolve in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

But nothing compares to what we are faced with today: The Covid crisis, Brexit, the lack of diversity, and the on-going reports of abuse to name but a few – each of these is a huge topic that requires urgent attention. On top of that, most of us are now working from home and experiencing more stress than ever before.

LOLS10在线直播下注The only way to overcome these challenges is by working together.

Games are my greatest passion because of their ability to create lasting connections between people. Whether it was playing Quake with the guys I would eventually form Splash Damage with, or now fervently flying the flag for the Yellow Team in Fall Guys – there’s nothing quite as powerful as people playing games, together.

The big thing I have left on my plate now is to help make the industry a better and fairer place for everyone - especially the next generation of talent.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to lend my voice and experience, along with the mistakes we’ve made and lessons we’ve learned, to Ukie as they continue to push for positive change on behalf of us all.

Robert Kinder, Publishing Director, Payload Studios

Each year the UK games industry is presented with a series of both new and existing challenges. In 2020 we’ve already had to deal with the political and economic uncertainty of Brexit and the once-in-a-century fallout caused by the COVID19 pandemic, but we’ve also experienced yet more reports of harassment and abuse - abhorrent behaviour that casts a long shadow and has not been effectively addressed. 

Now, while these issues are not unique to the UK, the Ukie board provides an excellent opportunity for people to raise important issues and ask tough questions, and ultimately help make the UK games industry a more supportive, inclusive and welcoming place to work and play. 

I am putting myself forward for nomination this year because it is all too easy to sit back and wait for change to happen. By joining Ukie, I would have an opportunity to enact change, have a greater impact and make more meaningful contributions to our industry. 

Some of the areas I would look to address include:

- Encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to enter the industry, and support existing talent from underrepresented groups through diversity programs

- Creating more opportunities for new/small teams to pitch and present to potential funding and publishing prospects, providing advice/resources through the process

- Helping to lobby for more government support in the wake of COVID19, Brexit and the recession. 

- Improving resources available to parents and carers, to help explain platforms, payments, age ratings and parental tools

If you believe I could make a meaningful contribution to the board, I would be hugely grateful for your support. I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and the opportunity to make a real difference. 

Spencer Crossley, CEO, Draw and Code

LOLS10在线直播下注Since leaving the corporate world of the games industry in 2018 (PlayStation, HASBRO, Warner Bros), I have spent the last eighteen months establishing Atomic Entertainment - an operational & strategic consultancy predominately focusing on supporting & developing emerging companies across best commercial practise, identifying & monetising trends, raising finance & investment and so ultimately futureproofing your business. In parallel it was also an honour and a privilege to be appointed by Draw and Code the ground breaking, immersive studio based in Liverpool as their first ever CEO as they strive towards their next stage of growth.

As we find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented ongoing change not only on the global but also local stage, I feel after 28 years of industry experience (including a previous seven year term at UKIE on the Board of Directors) that I am perfectly positioned to help further build upon the already fantastic work the association does to help drive transformation & ensure we establish the sector as a more creative, more diverse, more dynamic and ultimately the best industry to work in, here in the UK.

Teressa Wright, Senior Producer, Netspeak Games

Last year was my first time applying to join the Ukie board, and while ultimately I was not able to take a seat then, my wish to participate is as strong as ever. 

This year has been a challenge for all of us, and groups like Ukie are an important resource to keep the UK Games Industry strong through the turbulent times we're currently in and those ahead. There are many issues to bear at the moment, from the long term effects of COVID, the need for greater diversity and for those in under-represented groups to have a voice and representation, and then the uncertainty that is Brexit on the close horizon. 

I am now 14 years strong working within the industry, and have spent many years championing for greater diversity, and for a more humanistic approach to work/life balance - both central tenets at Netspeak Games. As a Producer, my job is address problems and facilitate solutions, and what better place can that be done for all of these issues, & for all of us, than as a part of Ukie.

I have the greatest respect for the work that Ukie does for the UK Games Industry, and it would be an honour to join the board. I have seen firsthand the difficulties those in other countries face where they lack a unified industry trade body to provide organised support to all levels, and it is incredibly important to me to ensure that we continue to have world-class representation through Ukie.

Tim Woodley, Head of Publishing, Hello Games

20+ years industry experience spanning AAA publisher (Activision), indie publisher (505 Games) and now in-house publishing at an indie dev (Hello Games), my roles have covered almost every commercial/business aspect of our industry and as such I feel I bring a breadth of experience and perspective to the Ukie board. Having been a board member previously, I am keen to return to the team to continue to help push our amazing industry forward, overcome the significant challenges we face (notably diversity and inclusion) and ensure that the UK continues to be recognised as a powerhouse of the global gaming scene.